The 25 Days of Healing

The 25 Days of Healing

 In 27 days I’ll be 25 years old. December 1st marks the completion of 25 years of life for me. I started this 25th year of life with something I chose to call #The25DaysofMIKO where for 25 days I did things to make me happy. Being the “Broke College Graduate” that I was, facing depression from the embarrassment of unemployment and not Graduating Grad School with my Cohort, those 25 days weren’t as adventurous as I intended.

Fast Forward a few months and I started my blog Dealing With Daddy Issues as a way to vent about the way my complicated parenting was manifesting itself in my young adult life. Full-time employment rocked the flow of my blog a little bit, but recent life events encouraged me to tie in Domestic Violence Awareness. Then it hit me. I wanted to end year 25 the same way I brought it in. By focusing on me for 25 days, but this time, instead of adventure, I wanted to focus on healing.

The future school counselor in me wanted to pin point 25 sequential steps you could take to heal from your Daddy Issues, relationship issues or self-love issues. Then it dawned on me, I can’t help you do what I haven’t yet done. So these next 25 days WILL be about adventure. Who’s ready to take the journey to healing with me? Unpack your burdens and enjoy the ride.

~Ms. Reid

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