In 2017 Latisha Carr presented the idea of hosting a Fatherless Fathers Day Brunch for people who lost their Dads or grew up without one.

That year she and I hosted a Facebook Live chat on the topic, and in 2018 we hosted a sit down brunch in Baltimore, MD.

Sharing the experience with others, we received an immediate response to bring the brunch to other cities.

For 2019, we’re scheduled to touch 5 U.S. cities for brunch with those who’ve experienced Fatherlessness, and those who are doing the work to support them.

To make this happen, we’ll need the support of those communities to make it happen.

We’re looking to partner with black owned restaurants, venue spaces, & caterers in each city to serve as the hosts for the brunch.

We also want to provide relevant product & service providers an opportunity to share samples of their offerings to our attendees.

To attend our event in Atlanta, Baltimore, Philly, Jersey or Pittsburgh click on the name of the city to be led to tickets.

For more information on how you can be a partner or sponsor for the inaugural Fatherless Fathers Day Brunch Tour contact Ms. Reid via email at: msreid@daaamndaddy.com