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Welcome to where 'Daddy Issues' Drive Discussion...

Hello! My Name is Ms. Reid and I’m a Storyteller. I’ve been teaching and reaching people all my life but there are still lessons I myself need to learn.

I’m the product of teen parents & a village that told me from the womb that I’m smart, talented & going places. And I believed them!

For years I thought being smart, “happy” and a social chameleon exempted me from Daddy Issues. But the more I worked in education, the more I saw myself in beautiful youth, hurting from relationships they never had, or watched fail with their fathers.

One day I woke up & realized that I wasn’t without Daddy Issues, I had buried some & didn’t recognize the others; because they didn’t present themselves the way society TOLD me they should be packaged.

The moment I realized that, the types of stories I told changed, and DAAAMNDADDY was born!

DaaamnDaddy is a place where Daddy Issues drive discussion because these stories are bigger than me. 

I hope you read my stories and release some hurt. Hold some men in your life accountable. And call BULL on your own shitty behaviors. More importantly, I hope it sparks conversations on being the change agent you needed, as you grow through life and write your own stories.

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