It’s been over a year now so I think you should KNOW MIK!

Most know me as Ms. Reid. Not because I used to teach middle school; because people have been calling me Ms. Reid AT LEAST since the 5th grade. (Apparently Shamiko was too difficult for my gym teacher)

I’m a poet. I’ve been writing poetry since the 4th grade.

I’m an educator. Any interaction with me is a learning experience, but I also taught middle school for a couple years, after three years as an Upward Bound Counselor.

I’m a wordsmith. I have gift for finessing words, both written and oral.

I’m a counselor. I’m not licensed yet, but I do work for a therapy provider. And I’m definitely that friend getting all of the 3am calls on “What I *insert whichever friend is calling* should do about *current traumatic situation*?”

I have Daddy Issues. Not typical, he wasn’t there, Daddy Issues. More like the, I have three Daddy’s and they’ve all disappointed me at one point or another so I have a hard time trusting people, which is probably why I’m so good at writing, kind of Daddy Issues. But ya probably already knew that if you’ve been reading here a while.

I’m available. For speaking engagements. Writing workshops. Guest features. Idea sharing. Moral support.


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