The Discussion Room Season 1 Episode 2: Creating the Sex Education WE NEED with KIMBRITIVE

Ms. Reid shares ninety minutes of laughter with Brittany & Kimberly co-founders of KIMBRITIVE a sexual wellness space. They tell her the personal experiences & systematic short-comings that led them to develop & create inclusive, comprehensive, trauma-informed sexual education workshops. Sharing why using brown vulvas & anatomically accurate tools in their workshops matters, educating her on reproductive rights, the truth about abortions,  minor’s rights, statistics on sexual assault and so much more. 

You Can Expect to Learn:

  • Why your doctor may not be the best resource for sexual education. [37 min mark]
  • Statistics across communities about abortions including who gets them and who funds them. [32 min mark]
  • How long internal condoms can be inserted                                                                  
  • HIPPA v Insurance Disclosures [42min mark]
  • The role family dynamics plays into the type of sexual education you get at home
  • How to make sexual education age appropriate at different grade levels


Film: One Week 

Minor’s Rights: Sex etc.

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