Your Man is NOT your Dad

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with Life Coach, Judith Rapley. We discussed Perfect Daddy Syndrome, which leads many women tobe disappointed when the men the date or marry don’t live up to the foundations that their Dads have laid for them. One of the greatest take-a-ways I gained from this conversation was “We often forget the nature of the father-daughter relationship was never intended to mirror that of a romantic partnership” You should not be looking for a man to replicate the relationship you have with your Dad because a king rules alongside his QUEEN, not his princess. It’s ok to want your mate to share certain qualities with your Dad, but partnerships and parenthood are not synonymous. Take a glance at our conversation and learn not only about “Perfect Daddy Syndrome” but also about seasonal depression and family ties. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.


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