Let’s Talk about SEX…EDUCATION

About a month ago I reached out to the traphisticated change agents of KIMBRITIVE, Kimberly Huggins & Brittany Brathwaite to do a collaborative call in regards to Rape, Assault & Incest National Network Day. That topic isn’t exactly in alignment with what they do, but they still agreed to talk with me & I’m glad they did.

We talked about everything from whether or not our families had the tools to teach us about sexual health in the home, how both the public & private education systems didn’t support our curiosity or provide vital health information, and that sometimes even those we THINK are qualified to answer our questions really aren’t.

They told me how they fill the gaps for young people that they wished had been filled for them & taught me a thing or two about healthcare, reproductive justice as well as Curls, Condoms & how the products in our hair impact our ovaries. And they introduced me to Darla, the brown Vulva, cause representation matters! So if you missed it, hit play below & leave a comment & tell us what you think, what you learned & who you shared this with.

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