Defining success, setting goals to reach dreams; these are all indicators of #Growth.


When you grow, sometimes it makes those around you uncomfortable. Even the very people who beg for you to change, despise you for doing exactly that.

For years my mother and sister pretty much played Mariah Carey’s “Why You So Obsessed with Me” at the thought of Step Dad #2. And for good reason. he was more than border line obsessed with my mother. Asking my pre-teen sister questions about her mother that should be reserved for dialogue between adults, showing up to her home unannounced searching for items he “left behind”, repeatedly declaring his desire to “Get his family back”. Until one day…THE BROTHER GOT A NEW GIRLFRIEND.


Now, from the outside looking in, that’s a beautiful thing. No more Psycho-Bob behavior; but had he really outgrown his stalk-ish ways? And at what cost?

My sister expressed her simultaneous joy and disappointment in her father’s new love life. On the one hand, he appeared to be happy. On the other hand, he made her feel disrespectful for asking the same questions of him, that he had asked her in regards to our mother’s love life. Simple questions like “How long have you been dating?” Furthermore, as he grew closer to this new woman, he seemed to be growing away from his child.


Much like the confusion I felt watching Buddha pick-up and drop-off someone else’s daughters to the same grammar school I attended WHILE I was still a student there; my sister is perplexed by her father’s behavior. She hears from her cousins about all of the cool stuff her dad does with his girlfriend…and her teenaged daughter.


Yup! That’s right, he’s dating a woman with a daughter the same age as his, but it hasn’t dawned on him yet to include his own kid on the ski trips and island cruises.


Unfortunately, there’s no big “I don’t grow that way anymore” moment of enlightenment in this post.

In becoming parents, not all men see their love lives as having a direct correlation to their children’s foundation of love, how to love and how to receive love.

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