Daddy Magic

I saw this video on Facebook last night. This father describes that magic I wrote about in my last post. That magic in the myth that little girls are enough to inspire changes in their fathers. Spark pride and emotions men find it difficult to express. I’m a sucker for videos like this. It reminds me that even if I didn’t have those experiences, there are still little girls in the world with Daddies who are not only unafraid, but take pride in sharing their love of their daughters. Just as this father expressed how he knew upon her arrival that his life had to change, Daddy’s have magic too. Not just the scare away monsters & kiss boo boos better kind of magic. The kind of magic that filled this little girl with so much love she cried & hid her tears for lack of knowledge on what to do with what she was feeling inside.

My mother always says “Be Careful who you lay down with, you may wake up attached to them for life”

In other words, choose the Daddy with the kind of magic you’ll be glad to be surrounded by for the next 18+ years it takes to raise a child. For the men, BE THE DADDY with the magic that makes eyes misty from love and admiration. Let your daughters know they are worthy to have songs and raps written about their presence & not just their appearance.

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