5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Dating a Dad

This isn’t for the woman seeking to date a man her momma’s age. More so for young independent women who’ve never dated a man with kids before. About a year ago I posted a video on my YOUTUBE channel about how Dating & Daddies had intersected for me and for the first time, I wasn’t the child in the situation. At that time I was all rainbows and optimism, but I learned so much about myself through the experience of Dating a Dad. So I want to share some things I think women should ask themselves to determine if Dating a Dad is something they’re ready for.

  1. Are you cool with NOT coming first?

     Often times as women, we feel the desire to be a priority in our mate’s life. At a certain point we expect to be a priority in their lives. If Friday night is our designated date night, we’re not Tryna hear “Oh, my homeboy and them going” NOWHERE! But when you date a Dad you have to be prepared for the reality that no matter what nigh is “Date Night” if an emergency arises concerning their child, you drop down a peg on that list. So before you enter a relationship with that man, honestly ask yourself if you can handle getting all dressed up to go out and THEN getting that “Heeyy, can you take a rain check?” phone call when the child swallows a LEGO or has some other sort of emergency.”

  2. Can you handle HEARING about a child you may never meet?   

    Let’s be real. Everybody that’s dating ain’t courting. And if you’re dating a man that’s a decent parent, he isn’t introducing every woman he gets familiar with to his child. However, again, if he’s a decent parent, he’ll be active in his child’s life and may share details of his day with you that includes information about his child. Is that something you’re ok with? Be honest with yourself on whether or not you’re the type of person who can know a child’s favorite color, zodiac sign, the story behind the “boo-boo” on their left knee, what they sound like saying “Daaaddy” but never meet them face-to-face. Understand that not meeting the child doesn’t denote the seriousness of the relationship. Some men just want to appropriately feel you out before exposing you to their child. And that’s exactly what a protective parent SHOULD DO.

  3. Are you ready for child centered vacations and activities?

    If you pass whatever test the man lays before you and you meet his child, can you put Paw Patrol before your Netflix and Chill session? Are you cool with Sesame Place as opposed to Caesar’s Palace? Do dates to the Discovery Zone top Dinner & Dancing? Can you accept that a baecation to the Bahamas might actually become a family field trip to Florida?

    If you answer “No” to any of those questions, Dating A Dad ain’t for you sis. Yes baby sitters and grandparents exist, and YES every couple needs grown up time, but you CAIN’T always get what you want. And in the moments when your man ain’t BK and you can’t have it your way how are you gonna act?

  4. How will you react to their parenting from the outside looking in?

    When your partner trusts you, they’ll often share scenarios with you or come to you for advice. Sometimes even if they do trust you, they’ll try to keep their parenting life separate from their dating life. Either way, you’ll have a fish tank view of their parenting. Are you the type to offer unsolicited advice? If your man blows off his child’s parent-teacher conference to do a favor for a friend will you speak  up or stay in your lane? Will you know what that lane is? It’s important that you understand boundaries. Establish how much you want to know, find out how much input they’re comfortable with you giving. Know your stance on parenting and decide if you’re the type of woman that can keep a man encouraged through a custody battle or call him on his bull if he falls short of meeting his child’s needs.

  5. What are your views on parenting/being a step-parent?

    Some women KNOW without a doubt that they want to bare their man’s first (only) child/ren. Those women don’t entertain men who have children. And that’s their prerogative.

Some women are cool with dating a dad as long as she never has to meet their children. They like men who can compartmentalize. They don’t want to be invited to talent shows. They’re unavailable to hear & heal his baby momma drama. They want to be arm and bedroom candy and NOBODY’s stepmother.

Some women are ready and willing to be a plus mom. They accept their man’s venting sessions with open ears & arms. When he needs help making a decision, she offers suggestions on choices in the best interest of the child. And if & when the time comes she’s down to be the best step-mom ever.

Other women just get in where they fit in and kind of figure it out along the way. Know which one you are before you decide to Date a Dad.

*BONUS Question*

How much interaction can you handle  with the child’s mom? From Baby Momma Drama to Blended Family Bliss. Where on the spectrum are you comfortable with?


Men with kids are often off limits to childless women. We don’t want to deal with their baggage. Yet we call foul when men steer clear of single mothers. I think it’s important to be reflective. I could have decided not to continue having lunch with my “friend” once I learned that he had a child. By the time I learned about that I was already interested in him as an individual, and his life as a Dad was another layer of him I got to learn & love. It’s definitely been a learning experience, and I created this list because I learned so much about myself in this process. I just want to present the learning curve to you so you can get ahead of the game & do what’s best for you.

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  1. Brii Denise

    To answer question number one… I’m definitely cool with that… My daughter is number one in my life and EVERYONE who’s involved in my life has to accept that or beat it ????

    Question 2 , unfortunately you have bitter folks and will only do what’s best for them and not the child…. I’ve dealt with it… At first I didn’t like it but I got over it coz I know I’m a great person and I love kids ! And if she didn’t want me around her child coz her BD was my man now , her fault ????✌????

    Question 3 I’m all for it… I wouldn’t mind working around that at all… But we’ll definitely have to squeeze in a vaca for the 2 of us just cause ????

    Question 4 , well if there’s an issue , I don’t mind being that listening ear , I wouldn’t chime in much due to folks not being logic thinkers but emotional and that don’t work for me lol

    Question 5 , Being a step parent coz be great ! It is great ! Being able to love someone else is always selfless and kind… My Daughter’s dad has an older daughter and she calls me stepmom… Their father and I broke up over 10 yrs ago and to this day , if she needs anything from toothpaste to maybe a small loan lol I got her… Coz I love her as if she’s my own… ❤️❤️

    1. sreid

      Do you think that having your own child has made your views on this more progressive than women who aren’t mothers?
      I know what it’s like to BE the child of parents trying to navigate dating people who AREN’T the child’s parent. However being on the other side has been interesting for me. And not having children myself definitely makes me a little frustrated when the child comes first, but never angry, because I believe the child should come first.

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