“Even good things can become idols, and while reveling and boasting seem good at the time, it is a grave disservice to idolize anything or anybody.” –Some excerpt on not directly quoted from the bible.

Not all “Daddy Issues” stem from negative experiences. Today March 3, 2015 is my grandfather’s 74th birthday. All four of his children, their friends, his nieces and nephews, AND his in-laws have all had NOTHING but good things to say about him my entire life. He is the most loved man I’ve ever known and I can’t recall even an inkling of unpleasant whispers about him. My grandmother is probably his only hater and she’s been married to him nearly 50 years so he can’t be all that bad.

Cal n G
He cooks well & does the dishes so

            My grandfather has been such a great provider and source of love and encouragement in my life and the lives of soooo many others. I love that about him and I look for those qualities in the men that I meet, whether seeking friendship or more. There aren’t any inconsistencies I can think of between his actions and his words over the years. The bar is set high. He’s such a great dude that neither of his daughters has found men worthy of filling their father’s shoes. When you have such a solid blue print it’s hard not to see the flaws in other men. It’s even harder to face the flaws in a man you once thought lived up to your ideals and standards. It was one of my friends in college who had to remind me that all men are flawed and I wouldn’t be so disappointed if I stopped putting them on pedestals. Aside from the most delicious pancakes in the world I think I love my grandfather because he never pretends to be perfect. He isn’t afraid to share his flaws from the past and his growth as a man. I don’t handle being lied to well, because my grandfather has laid a foundation of honesty, that some men just are not equipped to build upon.

GQ Granpa
Did the dishes for my wife, still a man!
Damn right my Pancakes are better than IHOP!
MY Granpa
Joys of being a Granpa


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