Managing the Pain of Living

September is Pain Awareness Month. I discovered this when researching what resources could be the focus of the bulletin board at the Mental Health Clinic I work at.

*Pain is a warning sign that indicates a problem that needs attention*

This week I experienced a different kind of pain. After finding myself TWICE engaged in draining discussions with “patriots” “protesting” Colin Kaepernick’s Protest, I along with the rest of the world was reminded why he’s been protesting to begin with. This pain let me know there’s a deeper problem than his right to protest, that needs attention.

My body can no longer stand to watch live executions courtesy of Dashcams & Facebook Live. The Audio triggers migraines so I read the subtitles as the images proceed in silence.

“Somebody lost their Daddy today”

My head aches. I drove straight to work from three states away and worked an 11-hour shift so no doubt I’m fatigued. But my sleepiness did not cause today’s head pains. Nor did my dollar menu diet. This, this was STRESS.

“Somebody lost their Daddy today”

Because he looked like “a bad dude”

How many Daddies have been lost this way?


I wonder How much pain have their children endured?

Before I can fully absorb or explore this thought there’s another;

Another alert on me phone telling me

Someone else’s Daddy is gone.

Can they explain?

How they mistook this man’s reading selection for a weapon?

I can’t understand, how a gun resembles a book

Or maybe I can.

Because knowledge is power & slaves ain’t s’pose to read

So of course the overseer, I mean Officer

Was threatened by what he had in his hand

But It’s still wrong.


How do we categorize their pain? Is it chronic?

Can it be treated with Botox? Will Positive thinking stop it?

The American Chronic Pain Association says that we’ve learned:

  • That we need the support of others who experience & understand Chronic Pain

Can all the people who’ve lost their Daddies this way exchange thoughts? Would it help?

  • Recognizing emotions helps us understand ourselves

But we aren’t the ones we don’t understand! Where’s the justice? How are unarmed Daddies dying daily by officer while terrorists are “in custody”?

  • While our pain is certainly not all in our heads, attitudes & expectations DO make a difference

A difference to WHOM? The trigger happy murders on paid vacation because they perceived melanin as doom? Or us others? The ones who expect justice in the form of criminal charges & sentences served, but only see settlements?

  • Learning how to relax is essential it helps prevent tension and redirects our attention on to other things we have some control over.

Ahhhh, Relax, don’t disagree with patriots & people who believe police can do no wrong, despite the facts. Instead focus on reducing “black n black” crime because you can control that.

  • Chronic pain not only includes the person with pain but the family as well

They may be the ones who lost their Daddies, but the whole community hurts. Fearing who will lose the next Daddy, Brother, Cousin, Son or Friend.

They also Suggest

  • There are no wrong feelings

Try telling that to the bigots that find joy in berating a national community in need of healing


Somebody lost their Daddy today, just wanted to make you aware of their pain.

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