Expiration Dates

Last week I posed a question on Facebook “Did your Daddy Lay a foundation of love for you that let you know you were worth trying for?”

It was accompanied by a photo intended to spark conversation about last week’s post to #StopTrying or #TryHarder



My younger cousin replied in the comments “Nope cause I have no clue” when asked if she had any commentary after noticing she liked the post but did not respond to any of the questions.

Her father and Buddha are brothers and I’ve personally witnessed some of the pain she’s experienced due to his behavior. I prompted her to open up more by asking additional questions as a reply to her comment.

Then she said something that caught my attention. She said she used to feel like her interactions with her Dad contributed to her cluelessness in relationships until our Aunt told her “You make your own decisions now.”

My curiosity caused me to go into question overload and she felt it best to take our conversation to my inbox.


I’ll respect her privacy enough not to share the details of that discussion. I will say, that it made me wonder if people really feel that women stop having Daddy Issues just because they get old enough to make their own decisions.

The same aunt that caused her further confusion commented on that same photo. She said “When what you have to offer outweighs your expectations being met, you will know which way you’d want to go.” When I asked if her relationship with her dad helped to develop her expectations she replied. “You can’t base your relationship on a relationship you share with your dad. Although he was around, he wasn’t. …”

I guess some women are able to absolve men from the consequences of their actions easier than others. Or maybe, in another 20years when I’m her age I’ll agree.

So then I posed the question of expiration dates across my various social media channels, but I’m still curious what people think.

Social Media Questionnaire

Only one person offered a response of substance. (Others were literally “yes” “nope” “nah”)

“No certain age but at a point she has to get a grasp on those issues, attempt to let go understand that it’s not an internal fault in order to truly dedicate herself in her own romantic endeavors.”

So what do you think, DO Daddy Issues have an expiration date?


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