Curiosity Killed the Cat


Domestic Violence Awareness Month may be over, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still issues to be addressed. I started this vlog in association with my blog Dealing With Daddy Issues and shared the encounters of a close friend of mine who’s daughter’s father has made her a victim of intimate partner violence on more than one occasion. I recently learned that she was forced to undergo surgery or lose her eyesight, very similar to the story I shared in the second vlog post last month.

I encourage you all to do your own research and continue to seek support if you are in a violent situation.

Because I started this vlog and DWDI as a way to vent and communicate about the Daddy Issues I face and those experienced by the friends and family that I love, I tired to keep my research focused on how Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence effects children. In the last days I found a statistic that made me reflect on a younger cousin of mine who went from a curious and creative toddler to an aggressive teen caught in the foster system and eventually ended up in a juvenile detention center. He was isolated by his step father, physically tossed around by him and felt unprotected by his mother.

He decided he had enough and reported the abuse in school which led to him being removed from the home. His mother was given the choice by the judge to put the step father out & have her son returned home immediately or they both would have to take parenting classes while he remained in the system before he could be returned home. She ultimately chose her man over her son. Angry and frustrated he began acting out further and has been shuffled between multiple juvenile centers since.

As easy as it would be to blame his mother’s choice for his current situation, there were many factors at play. His mother has continued to have her finances monopolized by her mate, who is the father of her youngest three children. He uses those children as a pawn against her. This is just one of a laundry list of experiences that I’ve witnessed where people I love have been effected by Domestic Violence. SO I share these stories not just to increase viewership of my blog, but because I genuinely care about what happens to people. Please get help. Utilize the resources I’ve shared throughout these recent vlog posts, and take the journey with me starting next week with #The25DaysofHealing Follow Me @daaamndaddy on Instagram.


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