Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Dat!

Ok, I’m sure most of you are familiar with Sweet Brown’s 15 memes of fame from a few years ago. Just like the people creating those memes there’s a lot of things I just ain’t got time for. One of them being ARGUMENTS.

Swwt Brown

In my last relationship I felt like we spent an abundance of time arguing over simple stuff because we really were having two different conversations.

Arguments are something I really just don’t have patience for. My sister’s father had a penchant for the art of arguing. If any man could make a mountain out of a molehill he was it. Just moments ago my mother called him to clarify if he was picking my sister up from school today. We decided to take a last minute road trip to surprise my aunt and my mother realized she hadn’t confirmed that with him. She called to make sure he was still available and to see if my sister had reached out to him to say, “Yes Daddy I need you to pick me up” or “Hey Daddy, my uncle’s picking me up so you don’t have to.” She believed she was being courteous and seeking clarity. I could hear him through her blue tooth ear piece preparing a case like he works for Analise Keating. Then my mother explicitly asked “Are you trying to pick an argument with me? Because I’m just trying to communicate.”


That was pretty much the summation of my adolescence; one person talking, the other unnecessarily escalating things. As I got older I realized my sister’s father wasn’t a bad dude, I just lacked the tolerance for his high octave shenanigans. If anything is a turn off to me, it’s a man raising his voice or carrying on in a conversation in the pettiest of ways.

My last boyfriend would come to my apartment and have an entire attitude if I took out my own trash or attempted to carry my own luggage to the car. “Why are you taking out the trash like I’m not standing here?” Why are we having this conversation? If it’s that big of a deal just take it out when you see it. Because arguing about who’s taking out the trash? AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

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