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Telling the Truth in Television: How Survivor’s Remorse is Getting it Right

Season Three of Survivor’s Remorse touched on so many pertinent issues. Colorism. Abortion. Rape. Not having a living Will. A carry over issue had been something near and dear to this blog. DADDY ISSUES. This season M.Chuck is in court… Continue Reading →

Managing the Pain of Living

September is Pain Awareness Month. I discovered this when researching what resources could be the focus of the bulletin board at the Mental Health Clinic I work at. *Pain is a warning sign that indicates a problem that needs attention*… Continue Reading →

3 lessons I learned from Queen Sugar

If you’re anything like me, you spent at least two days of this past week watching the two-night premier or OWN’s newest series Queen Sugar.

Ghost the Ghost Dad

What interest me most about reading through these opinionated exchanges were their thoughts on Ghost as a Dad.

Myth of an Independent Woman

They don’t see me sitting in the dark on a Wednesday night when all I wanted was to come home and watch Greenleaf.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Watch Life (2017) HD 1080p

I’m not a parent. And seeing as how my empathy is broken, I’m not capable of FEELING like a parent feels. So where do I fit?

To Gift or Not to Gift

I think a Happy Father’s Day text and a weekend spent binge watching Orange is the New Black solo will suffice for now.

Blind Spots

My sisters like abusive relationships. No matter how many shattered phones, empty bank accounts, bruised eyes & egos they suffer, they keep making their abusers their #MCM. The sisters I’m talking about don’t share DNA with each other. So I… Continue Reading →

Permanent Soul Ties

I saw a friend from high school post that his daughter’s mother was once again keeping him from seeing his child. This was not the first time he had posted about their relationship woes and her using their child as… Continue Reading →

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