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What Makes You Who You Are?

In my last post I talked about teaching people how to treat you. I shared that post among a group of peers which triggered a conversation about my lack of relationship with Buddha. It’s impossible to love yourself if you… Continue Reading →


My mother must have something magical at that midpoint that serves as the meeting place where the lines of her thighs meet, because all three of my “Daddy’s” have had some stalk-ish moments when it comes to her. Unfortunately, she… Continue Reading →

I remembered my tagline on Instagram (follow me @daaamndaddy) says “Daddy Issues manifest themselves differently in everyone.” Yet here I am, week after week, struggling to tell MY story, instead of collecting the various stories available to tell and touch different readers.

Admitting is the First Step

They may not look the way we’re used to seeing them, but they’re there, and Admitting is the First Step.

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