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Buddha’s Damage

Ties that Bind

I’ve spent the past FOUR years TipToe N in My Jawdinz around HER feelings and HER schedule trying to build a relationship with HER children, like Buddha’s sister had with me.

This D!©k Ain’t Freeeeee

She wanted him & all the disrespectful ways he learned from my father and I guess his indirectly. I wanted to ask him “Would you want someone talking to me like that?” But I was afraid of what he might answer.


Only thing I had of my Daddy’s was his face and some days even that’s too much.

It’s funny how we grew up in different homes in different states with different mothers and still essentially ended up the same person.

Lies Little Girls Believe

Except when those daddies don’t become better men, those little girls feel like their magic is broken.


Every day I’ve had to remind myself that I am enough, and even though my father never appreciated it, I cannot let that stop me from appreciating myself.

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