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How can a father prepare the child for the day he’s not there if he never shows up in the first place?


When is too old for a child to need their Daddy’s PROTECTION?

But then again, you can’t really expect to feel consumed with happiness from photos you don’t remember taking with a man you’ve rarely seen in the past two decades of your life.

Father’s Day

A Few weeks ago, I contacted my father’s other daughter to tell her I’d be in Jersey in a few weeks and I’d like to see her while I was there. It wasn’t until after I hit send that I… Continue Reading →

Daddy Magic

BE THE DADDY with the magic that makes eyes misty from love and admiration. Let your daughters know they are worthy to have songs and raps written about their presence & not just their appearance.

Lies Little Girls Believe

Except when those daddies don’t become better men, those little girls feel like their magic is broken.

Building Walls

“Because of you I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me” -Kelly Clarkson

Know Your Worth

…To Be Continued

“Next time someone offers you help ask yourself ‘Am I the type of woman who deserves help?’ do it”

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