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March 2016

Ties that Bind

I’ve spent the past FOUR years TipToe N in My Jawdinz around HER feelings and HER schedule trying to build a relationship with HER children, like Buddha’s sister had with me.

Permanent Soul Ties

I saw a friend from high school post that his daughter’s mother was once again keeping him from seeing his child. This was not the first time he had posted about their relationship woes and her using their child as… Continue Reading →

Lift as You Climb

Fellow Bison Blogger, Howard Alumna, Quad resident and 2D team Member @AccordingtoKori nominated ME for a Liebster Award!

I interpreted this as her way of being the Dory to my Marlin and telling me to #JustKeepBlogging

Strength From Pain

Stereotypically speaking, I shouldn’t be who I am. A friend of mine told me this weekend I had all the makings of a THOT: Teen Mom, absentee Dad, a love for Baltimore Club Hits that include the word “freak” and… Continue Reading →


For My GranPa’sBirthday

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