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February 2016

Expiration Dates

I guess some women are able to absolve men from the consequences of their actions easier than others. Or maybe, in another 20years when I’m her age I’ll agree.

Stop Trying or Try Harder

So here I am, 25 years old, my longest relationship to date with an unfaithful middle schooler off and on from January of 7th grade to October of 9th grade, and I’m staring at a thread of awkward texts between me and the mailman contemplating whether it’s time for me to Stop Trying or Try Harder. Wanting nothing more than to be able to talk to one of my “Daddies” and get the insight of how a man who cares about me would suggest I identify the traits of a man who cares about me.

How Strong is Your Foundation?

Two days ago the Super Bowl aired. One of my favorite parts of Super Bowl Sunday, and arguably the best, is the flood of new commercials that ultimately set the tone for the year & often times integrate themselves into… Continue Reading →

Foundations of Love

I watch my male friends with daughters and admire their use of descriptive language. Their awe struck statuses at every new development, from walking to talking to graduating kindergarten. The love they pour into these miniature versions of themselves. The pride they take in protecting and molding these little human females. I see that and I search for the source that should have been pouring into me in that way.

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