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November 2015

The 25 Days of Healing Days 1-10

  Day one of The 25 Days of Healing was to admit that you have you something to heal from. I’m pretty sure I have more than one area of growth¬†to come out of my Daddy Issues. I chose to… Continue Reading →

Be HONEST about your pain

I’ve fallen into a pattern of dating intellectual A$$holes because I’m looking for honesty.

Admitting is the 1st Step

Check out our sister site! #The25DaysofHealing

The future school counselor in me wanted to pin point 25 sequential steps you could take to heal from your Daddy Issues, relationship issues or self-love issues. Then it dawned on me, I can’t help you do what I haven’t yet done. So these next 25 days WILL be about adventure. Who’s ready to take the journey to healing with me?

Curiosity Killed the Cat

I found a statistic that made me reflect on a younger cousin of mine who went from a curious and creative toddler to an aggressive teen caught in the foster system and eventually ended up in a juvenile detention center. He was isolated by his step father, physically tossed around by him and felt unprotected by his mother.

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