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August 2015

Double Standards…Who Raised You?

I had quite a few ideas for this week’s post, but come last Sunday I couldn’t decide. So, I took to our Facebook Page and drummed up some discussion surrounding the topics that were on my mind. I heard a mother… Continue Reading →

Does a man who never had a solid father figure even comprehend the seriousness of a child bestowing upon him that title?

This D!©k Ain’t Freeeeee

She wanted him & all the disrespectful ways he learned from my father and I guess his indirectly. I wanted to ask him “Would you want someone talking to me like that?” But I was afraid of what he might answer.

Before I knew these things about these men I idolized them, Wanted to find men just like them. And as I learned of their flaws I also learned to be careful what you ask for.

I remembered my tagline on Instagram (follow me @daaamndaddy) says “Daddy Issues manifest themselves differently in everyone.” Yet here I am, week after week, struggling to tell MY story, instead of collecting the various stories available to tell and touch different readers.

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