Where Daddy Issues Drive Discussion


March 2015


Yesterday I had to call my sister’s father for help with something. I told him about my current financial situation and some life choices I’m facing and he said “First world nation, self preservation” I’m pretty sure that’s a quote… Continue Reading →

Saturday Morning Musings

I pledge allegiance to these Dads & all the kids they have after me. And to the existing children, we shall stand, one family indivisible; with nieces & nephews for all. -Shamiko 3/14/15

I’ve been sharing some of my life experiences here for a few weeks. I’m curious, how have “Daddy Issues” affected some of you? Have they manifested disguised as “Trust Issues”? Have they appeared as “Poor Judgement” or “Promiscuity”? Do you… Continue Reading →

I could hear him through her blue tooth ear piece preparing a case like he works for Analise Keating.


Not all “Daddy Issues” stem from negative experiences.

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